Selene Endymion Candle - Our Fragrance

We have five types of fragrances.
Each of our fragrance is formulated with natural essential oil and premium fragrance oil.
Top Notes – the first scent of the fragrance. They are light and flashy and it normally evaporates faster than the other notes.
Middle Notes - known as the "heart" of the fragrance. They help smooth transition from the top to base note.  
Base Notes – the longest lasting scent that provides the depth of the fragrance.




Modern Floral Aroma Scent
Crescent is about sharing the delicate femininity of Selene, the goddess of the Moon.
Inspired by sophisticated moonflower with freshly bloomed peony.
Crescent Scent Fragrance Notes


Blend of Herbal and Floral Aroma Scent

Arouse nostalgic memories of nature. An early summer morning’s walk in
a dew-kissed garden full of herbs and blossomed flowers.

Royalty Scent Fragrance Notes


Warm, Rich, and Classic Aroma Scent

Let the fragrance transport you to a summer garden at night.
Breathe in the seductive scent of the rose where Aphrodite gave it beauty as her gift.
Blended with warm sandalwood and mandarin,
so you can get your fix of floral fragrances with this rich pairing of aromas.

Goddess Scent Fragrance Notes


Fresh but a soft earthy aroma scent

Warm and earthy, yet a refreshingly citrus sweet, the scent of
lemon and sandalwood brighten up the spirit of balance in wisdom and power.

White Horse Fragrance Notes



Mildly spicy but milky and fresh aroma scent

A refreshingly sweet and earthy fragrance.
A mixture of peppermint and spearmint with vanilla
to soothe your mind and give freshness.

Mythology Scent Fragrance Notes