Selene Endymion - How Our Candles Work

- Charm Candle -

Our candles, except for the Pure and Mini Candle collection, contains beautifully carved charms plated 18K gold

so that you may keep them as a bracelet or a necklace after the candle is used.

 (strap is included in any purchase of candle with charms)


How to Make a Bracelet or a Necklace

- Instructions for the bracelet or the necklace assembly -

1. Burn 1/4” of the candle.  
2. Blow out the candle and cool down for +2 hours. 
3. Take only the charm and not the columns. Do not use force.
4. To clean the surface of the charms, use wax-removal oil included in the package.
5. Use the bracelet strap that comes with this card.
how to make a bracelet or a necklace
6. Follow the direction on the other side of this card. 
how to make a bracelet or a necklace
7. Enjoy!

- Metal charm parts are 18K gold plated.
- Every metal part is lead and nickel free.
- Our charm parts are small and should not be around children under 7 years old.

- Hidden Candle -

The Hidden Candle Collection is a specially modified version of our Message Candle Collection.
At first sight, it has a ubiquitous appearance. 
As the candle burns, the message within the candle reveals itself.
- Delightfully surprise your special one. -
- How Hidden Candle Works - 
1. At first sight, it has a ubiquitous appearance
2. Light the candle and burn it for about an hour.
3. The wax will melt and the message will appear slowly.
4. In about 2 hours, the message will completely appear. 
Picture - Hidden Candle Collection - I Love You