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Sterling Silver My Heartbeat rhymes with yours Necklace

Listening to your loved one's heartbeat give you the feeling of safety, peacefulness, and wonders. Many people come and go during your life's journey. Those who make you cry tears of joy. Those who make you feel that you own the world. Those who give you a hand when you need one. Those who sit next to you in silence when you don't want to talk but feel alone in the universe. Those who love you, comfort you, and around you. We believe your heartbeat rhymes with theirs. Say "I love you" every day.  

Product Details
Materials: 925 Sterling Silver
Finish: 16k Real Gold Plated or Silver
Closure: Lobster clasp
Measurement: Length: 16" Extender: 2"
Pendant Size: Length: 0.63" Width: 0.90"
Allergy Information: Hypoallergenic

  • $27.00