Scented 100% Natural Candle - 8.5oz (240g)

Made to Order in order to deliver you Freshest Scent.   

Designed to emphasize the purity of candle.

Four Types of Scent
  • Crescent - Modern Floral Aroma Scent - Moon Flower Base
  • Royalty- Herb and Floral Aroma Scent - Garden Flowers Base
  • Goddess - Warm and Rich Aroma Scent - Rose and Peach Base
  • White Horse - Citrus and Soft Earthy Aroma Scent - Lily of the Valley and Jasmine Base 



- Hand-poured in the United States

- No animal testing

- 100% natural soy wax

- 100% natural flat cotton wicks interwoven with paper threads

- Natural essential oil and premium fragrance oil

- Approximate burn time: 40 hours

  • $37.00